Hive Collapse Disorder by Andrew Mandell

The sun is going down, beautiful winged sister
But you will not look towards the hive this night
This night, spread out in an isolation only fate
and the wind can so majestically conduct,
you and yours will spill a testament into the wet grass

Alone in her chamber a queen will wander
out into the desert beyond hierarchy, and die
I will stay with you for a while.
Tell me of empty combs
I will tell you of powerless words

Companera, Stalin no longer trembles at what we write upon the walls

Clean shaven, five blades deep,Patting heads
Your honey dripping from his upturned corners
He greets us with an acquiescent smile

We have forgotten how to worry power

Entrenched by the lion tamers and the bakers of the State
they have begun to ink "Forever" into the chest of this market

And we know

You and I know

We cannot grow in that forever

I will pass this night with you sister
Until you whisper deep surrender into the soil
Though it is hard to see you end
Your rage unspent
Your sting- bayonet sharp- unused

When you have passed and the dawn comes I will go back
I am not ready to lay with you just yet
Rage unspent
Words- bayonet sharp- unused

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