My So-called Love Life/Buddah

Live life to the fullest,

because life is love.

Just remember, love doesn't love you, people do.

And since people aren't perfect, they just make perfect messes.

What do you expect of love?

Sometimes, we can love someone too much, and others not enough.

I'll tell you, living in this lifetime with love is hard enough.

But, living without it, I can imagine is twice as rough.

Hold fast, let me stifle the hype, before I start hyping my life, as if it were pristine and perfect.

It is not.

I've come to the conclusion, that it's trifle to gripe.

I'm much better off alive, holding a rifle in my left hand and a knife in my right.

I protect my own, so for one or the other, I won't hesitate to fight.

Antagonized by the light of day, I walk a crooked crooked line.

Still guided by loves many lies and praline wishes.

So, please listen with intent and hold tight.

You can't have the day without the night.

I say, life is loveless, but that won't suffice.

For every breath we take is another roll of the dice.

Ha ha, so nice to gamble amoungst loved ones.

I love the company.

More love. More life.

So, next time you fall off of that brick wall called reality,

just remember, no one can eat your egg salad without your recipe.

Anyways, it makes some people gassy and sick, just like love.