Questions about Politicians

A recent poet laureate penned
a poem he called "Questions about Angels."
The first question considered was
"How many can dance on the head of a pin?"
The answer, as you might imagine,
is: it depends,
for just one angel might make a difference,
even if it takes an eternity.

My poem, on the other hand,
asks "Questions about Politicians,"
an inquiry based on a pre-existing notion that
the heads of most politicians
share similar attributes
with the heads of pins,
but without benefit of angels,
dancing or otherwise.

Just what does dance about the heads
of these, our elected representatives?
The question raises more questions.
Is there room in those narrow confines for organized
If so, can those thoughts organize themselves
into moments of reflective, responsible thinking?
Or do they exist merely to nurture
a pre-existing penchant for prevarication?

Maybe the slender apparitions pirouetting
behind the eyes of politicians take the form of emotions.
If so, are they passions for serving the powerless,
or only for those who pay the politician's way?
Do dreams of campaign contributions
and the passions they inspire
dance more provocatively than angels
in the impossibly small craniums of political office holders?

Or, perhaps, questions
which suggest thinking and feeling are being too
generous to these politicians,
and that which occupies the tiny cavities in their heads,
instead of thoughts
or even emotions
are simply the sounds
of strings being pulled.

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Adrienne said...

Great work, Grady! Wish it wasn't so accurate. You are so talented with words.