Elemental/Michael McQuarrie

I am a mountain
solid stone, immovable
made of soil and flesh
rising up from my mother's crust.
I am a geologist's dream,
and if you examine my faults,
my crosscut layers,
my superpositioning,
you'll find the history of earthquakes,
the titanic wars of tectonic plates
beneath my rocky surface

Fire Girl,
when you set foot on my slopes,
you set me ablaze like the San Gabriels
in dry midsummer;
you baptize my skin in your flames
and leave charred ash in your wake;
you destroy and remake my surface
but I am still
crushed soil and firm stone

When I tell you I am immovable, Fire Girl,
you who can burn with the brightest powers of destruction
who can rise from your own ashes,
who can eclipse the sun in magnitude
and burn your aura more intensely than all my passions combined,
Fire Girl,

simply cannot move me

For all that I'm drawn to you
I'm going to seek water--
a dark rain to soak beneath my topsoil,
nourish my forests,
a blue river that will feed my ecosystems,
reflect my moods in the afternoon sky,
a tempest that will rage beautifully
and leave images formed from seaweed on my beaches

Water Girl, seep into my soil
and my roots will find you,
draw you up into my trunk,
circulate you through my heart
into my arms
where you will sprout into words,

And in return, my beautiful and fearsome ocean,
I will be your island.
When you grow weary,
when your waves lap my rocky shores,
you'll find that I am brimming with life
you have never seen--
finches that put nutshells back together
after devouring the meat,
lizards with victorian frills and top hats,
two-story tortoises with actual mosaics
painted on their shells

Where your waves meet my shores,
we will grow reefs
filled with crescent-tailed moonfish,
socially anxious crabs, sea zebras
and supernova starfish

Fire Girl,
you'll never understand
why I dance barefoot in the mud
during lightning storms,
how the rain pattering the window
douses your fading embers,
why I drink so much
after heated conversations with you;
You're too busy
trying to crackle over the aquariums
shored up on my bedroom walls

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