Besides Myself: Upon reading The Unabomber Manifesto/Mark Flanigan

We’ve been warned before
By prophets
Only through their failures—
Blessed Blake’s chimney
Comes to mind, not
Those whose names were
In exchange for being heard.

This, too, shall be your fate.
For the petty crime of
Being unable
To match vision with
Of being incompetent
In rendering your presence

He was right after all, they’ll lament.
We should have listened.

Yet, you will not find yourself
Proving impotent to inspire
The masses
To swallow the prescription.

Really, how many children have you?
How many readers?
Allow me
To be a father to you
And show you the first step: See
Who, even now, stands before you—
The Natural.

Sure, your vision
May create more room
For the birth of hope, and though
The World be indeed defiled,
No matter,

Still no one will ever argue
With certain success
The fact that It is mine and,
Exactly where It should be.

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