Two Objects/Three Rooms - excerpts from the novel HeavenLight by Mark Katzman


A benevolent power, I have materialized from the unknown.
I am not of this world.
It is strange here. All is strange.
Passion. Suffering. Indifference.
I am a friend of the Earth.
I wish you peace.


Bliss and emptiness, emptiness and bliss.
Thou art that.

R O O M 25

They’re watching Eraserhead.
Henry’s staring at the radiator. Tripping out.
I like his hair. It’s disturbing. The whole movie is disturbing.
That fucking baby, man. My God. The dinner scene. The hemorrhaging miniature chicken. The clinking and the clanking. Sound-track from another dimension.
The woman with the weird cheeks--freak-out city.
I can’t understand how it’s turning them on. It’s sick.
The trouble is, this is the third fucking time they’ve watched it.
Me, I’m absorbing the Xanax they brought along. A room can only take so much strangeness.

R O O M 40
This here’s the story of Big Jack. Quite a happening dude. Her pleasure plaything. Her life-size inflatable love-doll.
Big Jack, have you read any Beckett?
“Yes. Molloy is my favorite. Very amusing.”
Have you read the Buddhist Sutras?
Big Jack, have you lived previous lives?
Do you enjoy having a hard-on forever?
“It’s ok.,”
Does God exist, Big Jack?
Have you ever prayed?
“I pray constantly.”
To whom do you pray?
“The Source.”
Do you care for Giacometti’s Head of a Man on a Rod, circa 1947?
“Yes. It’s a favorite of mine. I also like the portrait of his mother. It’s very intense.”
Big Jack, you’re really a cultured guy.
“I try to keep up.”
Do you enjoy your owner, Loretta?
“Very much.”
What does she like?
“Loretta likes to put me in her ass.”
How do you feel about that?
“I don’t mind.”
What does it feel like to be an inflatable love-doll made out of rubber, Big Jack?
“Nothing special.”
Is our essential nature one of voidness, Big Jack?
Big Jack, you’re a happening dude indeed.
“Thank you.”

R O O M 43
This one. Woo. One strange invader.
He was here with his loved one, Miss Magic Mouth.
“Miss Magic Mouth, things have gotten a little dull between us, a little stale. And now here we are. Just the two of us. We won’t be disturbed. It’s our chance to renew our love. I’ll just get us unpacked so we can settle in. Here, let’s get you out of your case. You must be a wreck. I’ll comb your hair. There. Come into my arms. I want to kiss your red lips. Mmmm, that was nice. You’re warming up to me just as I dreamed you would. Let’s open the drapes. Look, Miss Magic Mouth, the beach, the sea! Oh, how beautiful! See how excited I am! Our trip is already a success. Why don’t we lie on the bed, sweetheart. I need you to take my love.”
He slept with his precious plastic head between his arms every night.
And, though her big, blank eyes spoke nothing, he was the happiest man in the world.

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