I'm Glad to be an American / Grady Thrasher

I’m glad to be an American.
I feel selfishly serene.
But having serenity in my identity
(and I’m not being snide)
Should not be mistaken for pride.

Yes, I’m glad to be an American,
But please don’t call me proud.
I cringe when others say
“God bless the U. S. A”
In voices much too loud.

It would amaze me that God would abide
Such arrogance implied,
While we employ our lethal forces
To stake claim to the Earth’s resources.

We “fight for freedom,” that’s our test,
Freedom to consume, pollute
and foul Earth’s nest,
Then shout and bray that we’re the best,
For we are they that God has blessed.

Oh, those peoples starving, displaced, diseased,
It’s clear: toward them, God is displeased.
But if it’s God’s will for us to do,
We’ll bomb, maim and kill them too.

If any believe this is all idiotic,
They just hate America and are unpatriotic.

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matejoh said...

This should remind us of our humble beginnings in this land we call our own, and that we should be grateful to those of other nations whose ideas contribute positively to our constitution and other founding documents. "God bless the USA" often sounds like a threat toward everyone else. Thanks for sharing your message!