All Boils / strange

The long-awaited gobble up
swift & successful
needs to know less of what
anything else and be cool
take over the world
quarry for icon
decode peace cry foul and
get fat

The worst of it
naked truth (an uphill battle)
shuffles thwart all over the world

Edgy mourns the loss
name-dropping human imperfections
goddamn sick of the way we do zeitgeist

Digital era oozes with satisfied
wanted to spend answers to bad habits
straight dope is cool
boring guests will be zapped

Original succumbed cha-cha-cha
local focus hits the skids
priority handling duo flog erratum at it again
priority handling oh-so richly deserved
priority handling those who want hands-on
probably cheaply

It can happen to you
just one year in the life of a terrible fix
what and how is about get busy
take on bumpy road hard to do basic
no biting
whatever you shoot
you need

Anthems of Death / Bob Brussack

Stand just inside your door and listen.
Do you hear them?
Do you hear the jackboots
Splashing through puddles,
Beating the rhythms
Of anthems of death?
Or just the cicadas
Clattering for sex
On a midsummer night?

Look down the street.
Do you see them?
Do you see the machetes
Swinging through children,
Marking the measures
Of anthems of death?
Or just Mrs. Olsen
Trimming her hedge
On a midsummer day?

Why are we here,
Not there? How did we
Inherit the latitudes and longitudes
Of sanctuary?

The Business of America / Grady Thrasher

Calvin Coolidge said it best,
“The business of America is business”.
“People” concerns can be put to rest,
human welfare and public health
are obstacles to the pursuit of wealth.

But business learned an important lesson
when markets failed, and the Great Depression
brought America a New Deal fix
to its capitalist-dominated politics.
Loathing what the New Deal sought,
each social measure business fought.
For people, Roosevelt showed a better way.
For business, it was war that saved the day.

For war needs business, thus, business needs war.
Hey! Business is what we’re fighting for!
In a few decades we got it right:
An invisible army, paid well to fight;
strange peoples to call our enemy
whose cultures offend our decency,
dirty, impoverished and across the sea,
whom we can bomb and kill with impunity.

Americans, take pride in the progress we’ve made,
(and the good profit margin in the price that’s been paid).
Be wary of peace; it’s an insecure thing
that rarely makes cash registers ring.
What’s better for business than constant war?
The New Deal could never have brought us this far!

none-so-pretty/ben gulyas

How to get to heaven/mark bromberg

You turn here
way past the comprehend

take a left at
the predicament
there's the bridge
cross the quandry n'
where the road forks
take the right road

you'll know it
when you see it

watch out for the devil
and his
snake-oil come-on

(third time he asks,
say "well, maybe" and run like hell)

don't forget
to check your gas

last chance
for light-years

and watch your speed

an eternity of service
no one's ever late

sometimes a mite early, tho'