As I Stand There on the Promontory / Patrick Bishop

As I stand there on the promontory, on the jutting rocks
The waves crashing against them below
As if they are angry and exacting revenge upon them
I smell the sweet fragrance of the Pacific
Upon the light, night breeze
The sky is dark
The Earth seeming as though it has been covered with a black canopy
With only a few stars strewn across it
Evading the cloud cover in the near distance
The ships are off in the distant waters
Floating closer to wave “Hello” again or…
Floating farther away after waving “Goodbye”
The sandy beach below
A fire ablaze for warmth to fight the evening’s chill
Surrounded by storytellers or two lovers whispering how they adore each other

There she is walking alone
Along the shore, footsteps kissing the waves
I imagine her face to be as BEAUTIFUL as the night sky above
Is she in search of something or someone
Just the same as I…
As I stand there alone on the promontory

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