This Is Your Real Life / Michelle Castleberry

This, the part not reduced, redacted, edited and set to music for Youtube or some show in which you and your housemates compete for cash and fame by dancing, singing, cooking, or canoodling in a hot tub.

No, this is your real life.

The one that doesn't look quite as sexy or serious as your profile pic or sound as cool as your 25 most played playlist.

This life, in which you worry, sweat, reek, and whine. The one with pores, pills, odd little pains. The one that's not ready for its close-up. The one that can't be quantified in credentials, creeds, or paystubs.

Yeah buddy, this is it.

And thank goodness (meant not as a exclamation but an order, a call to arms loaded with gratitude)! Thank goodness, wherever you can find it, for every breath and moment, every face that meets another face. Somebody find a better greeting than "Hello" because what are the odds, really, of anyone meeting each other? Surely there's a better word for such a miracle, that moment when two human being go off-script, out of character, intimate.

This is our real life and we'd better pay attention because lack of it incurs a debt too big to fathom. If there is a final judgment, it's in a movie house where you watch all the moments you missed while waiting for your real life to begin.

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