A Habit About / Ralph La Charity

I got a habit about what America’s about

I got a habit about none of my business

I got a habit about having habits

America’s about having habits
America’s about nobodies, their habits
I got a habit about the nobody business
America’s about this business
         of nobodies having habits

being nobody, knowing nobody
having a habit about knowing nobody
nobodies’ business is my All-American habit
I, All-American nobody,
         know all about that

knowing about that’s what America’s about
knowing about that’s a habit everybody’s got
a habit everybody’s got’s what
     American business habitually knows
tho’ nobody knows everybody’s business
the business of knowing nobody knows
 is the business American business
  keeps nobodies from knowing about
I got a habit about
   what being kept from knowing about’s about

being kept’s what America’s about
every bit as much as being kept from is
being bought’s just as big a habit, too
& I got a habit about all of that
being a kept from nobody somebody’s
           trying to buy’s where
                             I’m kept
& hey, I got a habit about where

                they     keep     me.

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Ben Gulyas said...

yes-- that sparkler just went off in my ear, a full dance of lung thought spun so precise the breeze is ours-- and then there's the sidebar below-- that's it's own showerd drift, inward taken outwardly up or down and aurally timbered as ever we might be as in motion at once, as in motion lost, severed and rejoined--