My Am Easy / Ralph LaCharity

Sing Songs Allied Am Ever We May
Sing Songs Am Easy & E'er Easily We

Salam Alas My My Am May
Salam Salam My My Am We
My Eye Am Thine Aye Aligned

Song Am Eye & Aye Am Blind
Song All Am E'er & May We Am
So All Am May & We Am Aye

Sing Am My Am We Am & More
Sing We Am Each Finality Eased
Sing We Am Sensed & Easily Each

Mine Am We Each Evening Seen
So Every Here We Am My May
My Mere Am Each Sang Since Thee

Since My Am Easy My Am Easily Thine
May We My Am So Easily Be
Sing My Am Each Each Eve Since Thee

Here Bind Mine Am Am May & Mere
May Am Me My My Thine Align
Thy My My Maybe Mind Am Eyed & Mine

Since Song Am Eye & Aye Am Blind
Since Song Alas Am E'er We May

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Aralee ----

la charity was wonderful !

duende was here and I also
heard Manley Hopkins, Dylan Thomas,
others and just ralph ----

Thanks for making that happen !

big hug --