dr. pain takes ten / aralee strange

don't knock
nobody home
put up a sign
doctor's gone

     :looking for fun
     :looking for love in all the wrong places

check one


in some fool's paradise where men are men
and women are dreams invented and
children thrive and time flies and
nobody's hungry not even the dogs
the natives are restless
an ill wind blows
the fruit rots in the grass
and the beat goes on all night

     we see what you see
     we want what you want
     you buy what you want
     we want what you got

bonfires down shore
torch light licking river
old crone throwing bones
trouble brews in melting pot

     we hear what we hear
     you hear what you want to hear
     we know what's what
     we take what you got

          old river rolls on

beware the full moon shine
beware the black cat crossed twice
behold towering babble
land of the white man

     all our brave dead
     our blind leading our free

says jesus is coming (the one)
are you ready to meet him (the only good
Indian is a dead       )


BellemeadeBooks said...

Great rhythms, repetitions like water over rocks ... definite proof that poetry should resound in the ear as well as be a treat for the eye ...

Anonymous said...

adamant foreboding in full stride... nobody does it better.

Anonymous said...

Whoa ! but that be one dandy photo montage !