Memories / Paul Ayo (of Art as an Agent for Change)

Our hopes don’t vanish
They just pile up in memories.

Grasping the ghosts of past lives
We stir our history salting it
To the taste.

Life ends and begins with numbers
While the part that matters most
Is just a line chiseled
On our gravestones.

What is a cemetery
But memories with a
Garden on top?

We all keep going.
While hoping not to
Grow old in arm chairs or

Test my ability to
Connect bones with
The roots of Family Trees
Blood is thicker than water
Oil and water don’t mix

But, Which one can make us go?
Which one can we buy by the gallon?
Which one by the pint?

We don’t vanish.

Our Sounds go somewhere
Our Energy goes somewhere
We go somewhere

We never asked to be here
Yet we fight for life
Like a loved one that is never coming back

Nothing we Love vanishes.

We reflect courage in the mirror.
Beauty ages. Courage gets wiser.
Militant sticky notes in the corner
Of the mirror remind me to pray in
The hope that evil vanishes into dust.

There is an odd addiction
In the disappearing acts that
We smoke in mirrors.

Militant or not
I assure you peace
Can solve our problems
And hope, this doesn’t
Vanish, so we don’t pile up
In memories.

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Anonymous said...

how does this poet know we never asked to be here... does any living body actually KNOW that ??