Things I've Learned (from last night's election results)/Grady Thrasher

Like oil and water
(as far as I can tell)
politics and common sense
don’t mix together well.

Anonymously financed prevarications
define our political conversations
--those loudly blaring altercations
on every tv and radio station
showing scant regard for facts,
inciting voters in their tracks,
transforming our would-be democracy
into a raving idiocracy.

For it’s only that which we believe
can be the truth that we perceive.
--like: the rich need more tax cuts;
and the poor are simply welfare sluts.

So here’s to taking from those in need
and giving to those adept in greed.
If you are uninsured and poor,
your politics must be impure.

Your Representatives have been unseated.
So take the punishment that’s been meted,
while the affluent gloat in celebration
that God once again has blessed our nation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

read 'em & weep, all ye who waltz squarely in the eyes of the Republicanish azimuth...

-Razul Moonglad