You May Have Already Won / Mark Bromberg

You may have already won
you have only to look around
maybe you should be taking notes
maybe you should be writing this down
buy a few lottery tickets more often
instead of those too-salty snacks
our state-supported gambling
supports education life woefully lacks
Take chances   change jobs    try
to identify birds on the fly   be sweet
without being saccharine   it's easy
easier than you may think    be kind
don't stress about the things you can't find

like happiness for example
or be happy
but for your sake keep it to yourself
even Buddha said that life is suffering and want
and what do you know that he didn't
get some wisdom learn to tell truth from a lie
no two ways about it
there are two sides to every story
and about faith and doubt
the jury's still out
sing even if you can't sing    just try
drive less   walk more   do what you can
take my advice   look around you
make your own plan

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

a bit wordy for an all-points bulletin, a hair distended for a postcard, Hallmark sends its regrets... would go nice with a quick-step halo of sunshine on a rainy afternoon in Georgia...

-Bacon County Bob