Thanks, But No Thanks / Grady Thrasher

Thanksgiving Day — "By resolution of the United States Congress in 1941, the 4th Thursday in November shall be observed as a legal holiday for giving thanks for divine goodness."
Dear strange newcomers to our land,

Thanks, but no thanks for helping reduce
our population in the New World
to a manageable size.
Those nice blankets you gave us
In exchange for much of our hunting grounds
were warm and comfy,
but we could have done without
the infusions of smallpox, influenza and measles.

Thanks, but no thanks for introducing us
that swell fire-water--
“Whoa! Is that really my signature
on that treaty
that gives you all our ancestral lands?
I never remember a thing
after the second drink!"

Thanks, but no thanks for broadening our horizons.
We had no idea those desolate deserts
and frozen prairies west of the Mississippi
could be our new home!
When you said you made reservations for us,
we thought your were taking us to dinner.
Ha! The joke’s on us.
Must be that fire-water again!

But, wait! We’re doing all the
Thanks, but no thanks-ing.
Don’t you remember how we taught
you white people not only how to grow corn,
but how to grow and cure tobacco, too?
How’s that for some “divine goodness?"
Go ahead. Take a cigarette break.
You deserve it.

And Happy Thanks, but No Thanks Giving Day!

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