New Father Time (to Allen Ginsberg) / Mark Bromberg

Dear Allen

I'm proposing you the new Father Time
     for this third millennium
          a thousand-year party
               no more blackrob'd old man icon
                    no more ancient doddering fool
                         no more hourglass or crook'd scythe

in Prague 1965
     you were King of the May
          this should be a piece of cake
               what d'you say

you in your top hat stars & stripes
     with harmonium at your side
          bearded smiling (or serious too
               in hornrimm'd glasses)
                    with a young man always there
                         St. Peter Orlovsky
                              ready to hoist yr pump organ

the new millennial hip Father Time
     what d'you say
          satisfaction guaranteed
               or your millennium back

. . . . .

Dear Allen

I wonder what you would do
     if you were here this new years eve
          I'm happy to report
               handsome boys still ride the crosstown bus
                    read poetry and smile
                         at strangers who smile back
 jazz still plays in basement doorways
               Coltrane giant
streetlights bestow halos on panhandlers
     this last december week
          in a cold december year

America never gets enough hope
     like America never gets enough of anything
          all America gets is more
               but it never gets enough
two world wars not enough of wars
     terrorism not enough of terror
          bank bailouts not enough of money
               civil rights not enough of civil rights

America never gets enough
     not enough saints in Dallas and Memphis
          not enough saints in Oklahoma City bombing
               not enough saints in World Trade Center collapse
                    not enough saints from Katrina flooding

America never gets enough
Congress sex talk not enough of sex talk
     Reagan/Bush not enough of sweet talk
          Bush/Cheney not enough of false talk
               Obama/Biden not enough of tough talk

America never gets enough
good drugs not enough good drugs
     rock & roll not enough rock & roll
          all America ever gets is more
               but it never gets enough
                    enough is never enough
                         in this American millennium

. . . . .

Dear Allen

I wonder what you're doing this new years eve
must be some crazy scene
Jesus & Mohammed
     Coltrane blowing "Ascension"
          Walt putting the moves on Neal
               Jack and Gutauma discussing the dharma
                    you and Peter rolling the joints
                        (finest gage at low low prices)
imagine the conversation
     poetics and transcendence
          a love supreme ... a love supreme ...
(pls tell Mr Whitman we share the same
          birthday     May 31)

     it's no time for talk
          party hats askew after serious drink
               give Jack that bliss'd out sloppy kiss
                    let Bill cop the immaculate fix
                         keep Neal away from the hydrogen jukebox

                              but let him drive the bus

most of all New Father Time
give America the dope of hope
this new year's eve

give America the big-hope kiss
     to last a thousand years
          to last a thousand years
               to last a thousand years
                    let it be enough
                         to last a thousand years

Let there finally be enough
     enough America to get it right
          enough time to get it right
               enough love to get it right
                    enough hope to get it right
                         enough daylight to get it right
                              enough night

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