No Nights for the Bright Ones / Fiona Sheehan

Fire blows night away from the trash can
A relentless wind flattens grass on an Irish shore
Bodies huddled around a desire to stay warm
Break into me and steal what you can find
I’ve got no mind tonight
No thought, no being
Only numbness
A beautiful stillness presses on my skull
However I lived or died
cannot be judged against
the manner in which I lasted through this peace.
These vibrations through the air, a scream from every
I hear the elephants roar at night
Cats howl in the chill.
Space closes ‘round me
Like origami boxes
We’re in the shadow of the moon
Our sun’s set too soon
A coffin’s passed through many strange hands
To the electric serenade of bagpipes.
This life is
Shut up
Shipped off
And, eventually,
Quietly returned from whence it came.
With a label reading “return to sender”.

P.S. Please recycle.

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