How do you say "I love you?" / grady thrasher

How do you say, “I love you?"
Those three words so sublime,
Yes, but how do you say ”I love you”
After it’s said a thousand times?

The happiest hearts are the ones that are giving
Unspoken I love you’s in everyday living.
A flushed cheek or a gentle touch
Can say more than words, when words aren’t enough.

A shiver of joy while sharing a dream,
The confident glow you show as a team,
A quick forgiveness or pardon spoken
To soothe a hurt before hearts can be broken.

A knowing look, a special squeeze,
An early laugh at a friendly tease,
By now it should come as no surprise
That “I love you” shines from loving eyes.

For being in love is that state of grace
That joins two together in time and place
Woven by love in the fabric of living
for timeless joy as partners in giving.

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Unknown said...

This is just beautiful, Thanks for writing such a fine piece here at Valentines day..