Lovesong / Mark Flanigan

     for Cathy Rihm

Who, sad girl, struck the match that lit
   My first cigarette, and world. And who, maybe,
Even now — for what’ the reason, or
   How; too, for however far away, still
Care she takes to throw light my way
   For good (imprecise as ever... more
Likely, should I say bad?) measure.

“Who? Why? What way?”—Hey man, since alone
   I’ve chance (need?) to survey, explore Treasure,
Unknown in past by me (you?) thrown open, now
   I see: Your memory, my crutch, Cathy,
I need no more. “Too much,” you say, “explain,
   Explain.” Today I understood the dance and, thus,
My Treasure:

   One’s all you need to remember.

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