The Seminar (with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe / Grady Thrasher

At a seminar unending
to which lawyers’ minds were bending
from the weight of legal lore,

My tortured thoughts began to wander,
embracing fantasies to ponder
of female images galore.

Lovely visions, beauty shining,
caused my brain cells, all entwining,
to anticipate what’s in store:

Tumid, taunting bosoms straining,
pointed pulsing pleasures raining
sensual waves upon my shore,

causing monumental rising
and concurrently resizing
of that which grew to so much more.

Hot surrender eyes now glowing,
rhythmic bodies’ motions showing,
guiding me toward Heaven’s door.

Crimson lips, consumed with blending,
shout the message hearts were sending,
“You are ours now forever more!”

The room grew quiet, the lawyers wonder,
Who of us caused that vocal thunder?
“It was I”, I said, “and there’s much more.”

“Goddesses here on Earth are living,
their charms to only me they’re giving,
They say I’m all they’re living for!”

The room’s response, in unison chorus,
This seminar will surely bore us.
Please continue. Tell us more!

I took a breath and started talking.
All looked on me, raptly gawking,
each with a mesmerized rapport.

“Their beauty exceeds the blooms of spring,
their smiles insure that birds will sing,
desire exudes from every pore.”

“Soft eyes, gasps and sighs are showing
the before, during and after glowing
reserved for me forever more.”

“Their lips each say they’ll be providing
pathways to the stars for gliding
beyond a far and distant shore.”

The crowd stood up, eyes red and tearing,
then one by one they started cheering,
You’ve found the life we’re looking for!

I smiled politely; pride was showing.
“But wait,” I said, my flushed face glowing.
“Not one of them do I adore”.

Without further explanation,
I waved away each exhortation
and departed quickly through the door.

Across the street my wife stood waiting.
I reached for her unhesitating,
for she’s my love forever more.

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