Ellie in Hot Pants / Ralph LaCharity

Bad teeth & sunken eyes don't hide
no weaknesses
for late hours & lots of booze
no mystery why this lady's
so huge
why, just one
of her thighs'd
keep a man drunk
for weeks but
the two together'd
break his back in a minute
less'n he be six five & drive
truck for a living

I'm talkin' 'bout
Ellie in hot pans
broad Ellie bite
for bite
the baddest fat-butted
bitch on the block
deep Ellie drown
a whole town of frowns
when she go
poundin' round

Which is not to say
that this lady
don't grin & dance
& spread good times
don't dress to kill
don't love to love
come on hot
all the time &
you can't get her mad

I'm talkin' 'bout
Ellie in hot pants
big Ellie former
loud Ellie used to be
a chambermaid
thirsty Ellie drink
her weight in

Why, her butt be wider'n
most men's shoulders &
when she take a deep breath
necks pop
         eyes bug
                 blood surges

her grin alone
scare cops away
she just cross her legs
blind you
belly to the bar
most men can
all got a chance
Ellie in hot pants
I say!

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