Public Relations / Julie Wells

Pay with the soles of your boots
because of too much to and fro
ends contradicting meaning while we work
for babies and planned fabrications.
What can you make with a dollar and a girl?
Pay with the ends of your nails
because of too much lean and grab, too much
grab and go, too much go. Planning meanings to plant in the house
around crystallized lemon trees and plastic flowers, around sliding
balcony doors, around Zen fountains with floating painted rocks.
Stainless steel cutting boards, and I ask, what can you make with a
Quintessential poetry of subtraction.
Subtract contradiction.
Subtract meaning. Add bus schedules,
the letter Q, broken shoes, shoulder-wrenching
bags, strapless bras, abbreviated text messages.
Add runaway four letter words and starving toes.
Can you make?
With a dollar.
Add a dollar.
Add another dollar.
Add an extra five.
Same question. Add a girl.
Add a girl wearing stilettos and a bustier,
wearing magenta lip stain and a Coach clutch, wearing
Diesel jeans and a Prada thong. What can she make?
While we work for babies and forget meanings. While we
work for dollars and plan meetings. While we work for we work
for soles of our fallen boots we work for to and fro we work for 
   Zen fountains,
balconies, glass, plastic, lemon trees. We work to make what can we

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