Bigger Than Thomas / Fabrice Julien

For all the Native Sons in the world,

Who wish to be Bigger than Thomas,

Searching & Seeking for the promised land,

This is my paying homage to you...

The shit you endure,

The shit you endure,

is unfathomable to the masses,

A majority of whom pretend that discrepancies don't exist between the classes.

Please remind them,

Remind them of their negligence,

They placed you in this position years prior,

& through generations have looked on with blind eyes..

To the negative elements to which you've succumbed,

To the negatives stereotypes to which you've become,

With hearts that feel nothing at these sights,

& demeanor that barricade the lights of exposure,

A Civil Rights Act passed so that you could be a Soldier,

& lose your life protecting the freedom that you don't have.

A freedom that you won't have,

A freedom that you can't grab,

& that life you'll live will surely become sad,

And Why?

Because of precedence,

& a lack of hesitance

Towards ways of the past..

& a reluctance to abolish ideas that should not last..

This is for the Native Sons in the world

Who wish to be Bigger than Thomas...

This is my paying homage..

Cause you exist,

I know..

You persist,

And it shows.

Keep persevering,

We shall grow.

Do you recall when you were 6?

& Your grandfather too went into cardiac arrest?

Yeah, the Native Sons and I recall this rather strange memory?

They took ours to Grady,

But yours to Emory..

& because of class,

Yours is here,

But ours is gone..

Fortifying discrepancies as as they remain strong..

In our current world.

Native Sons,

This is my homage,

Be Bigger than Thomas.

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