Human Rights Festival / Donald Harris

Human rights? What do you know of human rights? Of love, of life, of laughter, of longing? You bring in your acts and your speakers to parade and primp and promote themselves. Have you said one word about the humanity or the rights of the schizoaffective, the bipolar, the obsessive-compulsive? Are you unable to hear the sorrow of those who are not supposed to break through the silence? "As the sparks fly upward, so is a man born to trouble," but have you ever seen the sparks fly upward from a mind on fire? We will sing beneath the pallor of a sodden moon. Would you see the face of madness? Then look into a mirror. Look into the eye of the blonde in skimpy red garb, trying to hustle a john on a corner of Broad. You have lost your job, you have lost your life's savings, you have lost your wife. What are you going to do now? I'm going to Disney World.

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