still a could till / ralph la charity

the journey there was taxing
the return was taxing, too
will be so my lot from now on :
to interrupt & intercept, or pause or linger
& check for when all is said & aye
done & sail namore could be my lot
the fade of countless lingers' spell
each borne venturing afterimage-wrought
piecemeal be said be still be could
this being's patchwork worded stalk
how the eye's roving fractures a-swirl
intermittent brief chaos & mute alarm
shimmery-soft spots o'erlain upon the field
the stroke of being ending e'er I pen
there sits a simple poet at the very last
still open still a could till the very least
now the soul's hoving postures slumped
now the heart    the brood     the wee hour
now the wane     the bow     & the lyre

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bbb said...

spell casting lingers. my favorite folks. nice work simple poet