To Heal the World - Mat Meditation I (for Charlotte Johnson) / Bob Ambrose

The world is more than we perceive,
in hidden ways, beyond our sight.
Relax now, let it go, just breathe.

Though oceans weep and biomes grieve
and groan beneath our growing might,
this world’s much more than we perceive.

We stretch our bodies to conceive
and kindle minds that yearn for right.
Relax now, let thought go, just breathe.

The sharpened mind is best ensheathed
in harmony, deflecting fight.
Such mind is more than we perceive.

Our healthy minds and bodies weave
a gracious soul that seeks pure light.
Release love, let it grow, just breathe.

This soul transcends what we believe,
to heal the world – its wild delight.
You are much more than you perceive:
Rejoice! Now let it go, just breathe.

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