Progression In The Sky / Fabrice Julien

I stare into an empty sky
And am filled with ambitious desires
That I will never achieve.
You see, that’s the reality of my vision,
& so I deal with it.

I live with an empty soul
That is locked in the open,
Blatant so souls can see,
The key, is within reach,
But arms are tied.
& so, I deal with it.

It’s 2011- I am told and reminded.
392 years since it started,
235 since we helped,
146 since we earned it,
145 since it started again,
48 since he spoke,
46 since it ended on paper,
Told to get over it years later….
Because progression was the aim.
& correctness was the game.

It never happened they asserted,
Stay in line with the progressing times,
Erase the visible memory.. & BE, part of something different.

To this I stare with confusion and discontentment.
Am I the only one who sees that the conditions of the now, are
     correlated to the conditions of then?

Am I the only one to remember?
Am I the only one to remember?
Am I, the only one to remember?

It’s nights like these,
It is nights like these that I stare
To the empty sky and am filled with ambitions that I will 
     never achieve.

The sky knows why,
From the first to the last,
It won’t forget our past.

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