Sidewalk Dharma / Mark Bromberg

Look where you are going, not where you have been
(tho that too is a lesson)
walk with deliberate intent, where you are headed. See?
(even if you are guessin')

But watch your step -- the Buddha would tell you
it's how you walk, not when you arrive.
Are you alive? Oh well, you'll see
it's better to trip and fall than just to survive.

Hurt and pain are the day's real test.
If you fall down, you'll get up again --
don't heed the path, and life's a real mess,
that's a free lesson with a knee's little twist. And then

whoops, whoops, you're down again. So what?
As Beckett says, try 'n fail better next time.
We all get where we're going, simple as that,
and no one said that life's a straight line --

except to the grave. That's the lesson, sure
(as the days follow one another.)
The end is still the fall without fail or cure,
so go carefully, with one foot in front of the other.

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