The Art of Letting Go / Mark Flanigan

is only
a necessary Art
after one no longer fears
being let go of

it is a strength
that cannot be manufactured

it is a strength
no one, not even I,
can teach...
     and yet, you must learn.

it is forged through

still, it is a strength

stronger than yours

and in the end
it will be met
by someone,
     or no one,
makes no difference which,
     this strength will not budge,
knows not of compromise...

it is not a match
awaiting friction

it is not fire
to light

it is something else

something you know

are reminded of

even now

it is something
to be forsaken
for as long
as you can afford to

while time, my friend,
is nobody’s friend

and faith
can only be returned
from whence
it was first sent.

go now.

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