Genocide in the Senate / Jay Morris

There was a genocide in the Senate
And although no one wants to admit it
It goes by the name of SB 458
Many people think you need Germs, Guns, and Gold
For there to be genocide
But genocide can be the hand that steals the pen
From someone who wants to learn how to write
Or the burning of a book in front of someone
Who wishes they could read
Genocide is banning someone from a university because they were born
On the wrong side of a border
As if there was some natural order
That draws the line
Of human rights
At asinine geographic sights
And it disgusts me that we have yet to shake the yoke
Of the manifest destiny encouraged by James K. Polk
So we are stuck in this mentality of give and take
Give them hell and take their heaven as they tremble in our wake
I don’t think it’s such a big deal
That the red, white, and blue
Can be the rojo, blanco, y azul too
This is a war of conflicting interests and cultural suicide
Where pride and dollar signs shine brighter
Than the hopeful eyes
Of first generation undocumented students grasping in the dark
For acceptance of equality
But the gleam of self-destructive bigotry
Steals the light and leaves darkness
Where once was flame
Breaking down onto long, weary knees
And shuddering sighs because that’s the only way dreams
Can die
Not with a bang, but with a desperate cry
Of Dios why?
And the desperate howl
Of What now?
Who gave who the right to take mine away?
Is there ever going to be a day
When the same political blowhards that cry parasite
Will realize that the New World was founded
On the parasitic usurpation of murderers
Like Hernan Cortes and Franco Pizarro
And With every bill they pass
That prioritizes humanitarian values last
They continue to walk the footsteps
Drenched in blood
Upholding a sordid tradition of disenfranchisement.
Where is the red, white, and blue in this?
Where is the poetry in this?
The world is growing restless America
And your creed is becoming nothing more
Than heedless words.
There is no affirmation of life found within the parchments
Of your Constitution.
There is only evidence of death
This is genocide.
This. Is genocide!

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