My Rhythm / Bobbi Johnson aka B. F. Hayes

It’s never to late to find your rhythm, your inner beat inside
Come let me take you on a journey, a journey in my rhyme
It’s true most diss, and dismiss my style, but I have come to find
That in time one can not deny
How it moves -in and through,
Around, up and over you
A warm wave sensual, soothing,
Both erotically, excitingly warm and cooling
A sunny day, stormy sea, dewy meadow all rolled into one
It’s ruling over your heartbeat, your breathing,
Like the earth is ruled by the sun
My meaning is as ugly as a sunset, and just as trivial
Listen now as my rhythm slows, its purpose to upset the superficial
Do you hear it? Harsh, hard, brittle…
Now sit amazed as I calmly restore order
Beautifully and brilliantly as a rose lined border
My rhythm flows like a river, first fast then slow
Through twists and turns, over rocks, to falls below
It calms the restless spirit, primal, instinctual, and raw
Beyond reason, it achieves perfection with every flaw

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