Election Year Worries 2012 / Grady Thrasher

 There're Republicans in women's vaginas
         and the Supreme Court's up our asses,        
At least as life pertains
to the middle and working classes.

Republicans say only millionaires
deserve some tax relief;
that our lives should be controlled
by evangelical belief.

And the care of health depends on wealth,
let the poor be turned away.
Those sorry knaves, they should have saved,
now perhaps they'll learn to pray.

Though we like to call America
the great land of the free,
Republicans now use "freedom"
to mislead the citizenry,

as they incarcerate more people
than ever in history.

The money spent for the "War on Drugs"
exceeds aggregate costs of college,
but they'd rather put our kids in jail
than fill their heads with knowledge.

Even Russia and China can't match our rate
of citizens doing time,
three generations' prospects ruined
for mostly minor crime.

Republicans think it's dandy
that most in jail are black.
Repressing their votes is handy
when election time is back.

And this election year we've much to fear
if Republicans prevail,
the 99 percent will pay more rent
or either be in jail.

So, take a stand for human rights,
fight off Republican attacks,
Women protect your vaginas,
and all of us watch our backs!

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