House of Delights - Bobbi Johnson

It’s black as night inside,
Not just in this house of delights,
But also in like hearts and minds
Blurring all set boundaries and lines,
Predator becomes prey
Becomes a Fantasy realized
And with a simple trick of colored light
Bruises, scars, and bags under eyes, fade away.
Making way for radiant skin of an unearthly fire
Both map and road to a place called desire
Pin pricks and flickers of yellow and white,
Dazzle and blind, like diamond stars
Scattered across a midnight sky
Bodies and rhythms synchronize and hypnotize
Casting a spell to glamorize all who enter here
Exotic spices, sweat, and musk perfume the air
While walls of mistrust give way to enraptured prayer
Love and lust are weaved together in a dance,
Where the lost and devoted share a brief romance
To worship two edges of the same knife,
That slices open the vein of life
Bleeding it dry of all that is sublime
Purity is devoured, and darkness embraced
And masks of every kind covers each face
The sweet agony of temptation is succumbed
To willingly, eagerly… in fear and anticipation
While liquid spirits haunt every touch and thought
Confusing what we find into what we sought
Leading the chase of both ghosts and dreams,
Perverting the innocent while justifying the obscene
Silver and gold are the means used to redeem… Ourselves 
In a look, a word, and everything we forgot
That can only come for free
When the veils are lifted, and wells run dry
And absolute truth is revealed as a lie,
What goes untold, and what is up for sale
Is simply fools gold, our souls, and a fairytale

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