In Pursuit of Truth / Lemuel LaRoche aka LIFE

From the inner depth of the universe
An inner light is born
Placed in the eyes of a new child
To see through a world that is torn

Sketched on a canvas filled with vampires
They will consume you until you die
Why must the young peak to old age
To learn it’s all a lie

What a blind man said of finding truth
Is that it could be purchased with a buck
Then truth exposed him of his mortality
When his fatal illness struck

Asked to be buried with his fortune
A display of gluttony to the sight
For not his pennies, nor his dollars
Could alter the reaper’s plight

Then clarity bit the dying man
While lying in his bed alone
When he tried to share his wisdom found
No one heard his muted tone

Who knows the path the karmic pendulum swings
Destined to collide with this culture of greed
As man races to clone every life force
Monsanto's claim patent to nature’s seed

In a world where reindeers peddle corporate toys
Through ghettoes filled with crack
And a devoted priest hanged himself
When he discovered his Jesus was black

For love and hate are fraternal twins
That fertilizes the thought
In pursuit of truth down fraternal roads
Where souls are sold and bought

If truth lay within the seed
Point me the path to the virtuous fruit

Where angels slide down strip poles

Dancing for a devil in a suit

Good and evil war within us

To carve the character of our being

Some driven by inner rage, others inspiration

But all guided by forces seen and unseen

The earth, she turns too many times

Then blankets us with her sand

When wickedness creeps within the heart

The Most High guides the poet’s hand.

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