Poem / Ben Gulyas

It is a fluid world we live in,
faces to water,
images to eye--

to travel one road
and a thousand
makes it feel closer to the heart
faces speak
gestures flash by
Lopez's cooks smoking in the back driveway
beside a warped shed
that smells like cinder block & tar...
returning from the milky way
black space and bright flashlight...
moths fluttering like
stumbling drunks
suddenly startled awake
by the dawn's light...
a fluid world...
and rarely is it straight
and if you're straight,
you're fighting a losing battle--

better to eat jelly in the river,
better to drink tea with gin,
better to turn into the curve
turn into the bird
turn into the voice in your dream
paint a picture with your eyes
on the stone in the fire,
let the fire glow
down to the last lick,
and listen...

listen to the milky way
hold its breath in the wind--
jelly on the sea...
jelly on the dark...

coyotes sing from their hole in the hidden ground
"hey! Hey! I see stars!..."
"and I'm hungry" "let's eat!!"

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