There's a Psycho / Buddah

There's a psycho in the audience right now. There is a psycho in our presence as we speak. Yes, there's a psycho in our midst adorned in modest attire. She looks normal, but she's not. Her brain's a flop, and this explains a lot. There's a psycho sitting next to you and you never knew it. She complains a lot and that remains the plot. Too much to little and too late. It seems a smile is not a smile, a smile it really is not. Her craziness is someone else's love and someone else's love is a pain in my crotch. As sure as flames are hot. She, my gullible friends, truly is not. And now thinking without blinking, I pray to GOD, Richard Pryor and Abe Lincoln. She plays this game without a clue. There's a psycho in the audience right now. and she's sitting next to you.  That silly lily white filly gets no love and smiles are not around!  I proclaim, our acquaintance shall never be.  I shall remain the bigger man. Today, I take a stand.  Run for the hills, run for the exits quick. This is not a trick. There's a psycho in the audience, right now!!!