Skybruiser Trainwreck, Bone Memorial / Jay Morris

There comes a time in everyone’s life
Where the nights seem too long
And the days seem too short
Because you’ve slept through them all
Cause you strain your eyes at night trying
To figure out how many times a razor
Has to scrape across your wrist
Before the scars look intentional
Calculating how many times a day
You can flash freeze a smile in front
Of the faces of well intentioned friends
Who could never know any better
Before it looks like you have botox in all the wrong places.
How many times can you attribute the gut wrenching hurricane
Wreaking havoc in your stomach
To sudden onset nausea
Before you the divulge the difficulty
Of determining the amount of time it would take
For those who pretended to love you to disappear
Into the sun bruised horizon
Away from the train-wreck that has become your life
Fascinating to watch from a distance
Heartbreaking up close
Unbearable under any circumstance
And as the sun glints on your broken glassjaw
And sets on top of your twisted metal spine
Night falls like rain
Filling your nostrils; clogging your throat
Invading your bones; rocking you gently
Into the comfortable sigh of anticipated disappointment
As if forecasting loneliness was something to be proud of
While death begins the final march into the triumph of your threshold
You must realize
Your bones are a weather battered memorial to the small victories
And large defeats that have shaped your soul
Your body is a temple
And you are stronger than the darkness storming your hallowed halls
You are stronger than the darkness storming your hallowed halls
Part the puffy clouds of your lips and release the sunrise of your smile
Pull yourself up from the horizon of depression
Bruise the sky with your light!
Each breath you take is a cosmic demonstration to the success of the
A testament to progress
A scripture of laughter
So laugh
Laugh till your sighs become ridiculous
Laugh till your tears are no longer dripping with the shame of someone who
     hides their pain
There is nobility in hardship
And salvation riding the spine of every crown of thorns you bear
But that kind of serenity can only be attained by
Opening your eyes
Looking in the mirror
And saying:
“I can respect that.”

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