Gone's Song / Ralph LaCharity

the young are still forming yet some
refuse & say I'll form no more from now on
those are the ones painted on the sounds of
freights that wail in the basin's palm

dirty dirty freights, heavy fast & unforgiving
coalcars & graffiti'd boxcars railing darkly
they are who've chosen vagrant omnipresence
a clockwork chain reaction nightly thru the town

as long as this town of trained echoes persists
our stillborn, form-no-more Childe can still Be
& Will still be, his Stasis rapt & rapping, his
Refusal'd wee hours' Claim calamitous

intimately Remote beyond reckoning, come unto
the unbridgable Beyond merrily self-murderous

there is no relief
there is no end to grief
love has found us
like a thief

& robs us nightly
robs us nightly

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Anonymous said...

The poem marks the deeply sad passing of 20-yr old Kent Ohio poet Christian O'Keef. Here is the link to a vid clip of this poet reciting one of his pieces : http://kent.patch.com/articles/kent-state-student-killed-by-train-identified?ncid=newsltuspatc00000003 (posted by Ralph)