The Devil is in the Details / B.F. Hayes

The devil is in the details, and I’m inclined to believe it’s true
From he said, to she said, to what did they do?
Whispers and giggles beget envy and hate
And before we know what we’ve done,
It’s already, far too late
Day to day living is much of the same
A game of microwave dinners, fast lanes,
And bills yet to be paid
Love and friendships hold a fragile place
Between texts, emails, and social pages
This by all accounts, is succeeding in replacing
What should only be done face to face
Detached, we allow darkness, to find a foothold,
Where shamelessness, infidelity, and cruelty,
Has, and is, growing ever so bold
Irresponsible I would be, to simply blame technology
For humanities natural inclination
Look for instance at Christianity
Where more denominations exist, than books in the bible
Thousands of ways to worship one God
What chance is there, I ask then, of our survival?
Complicating what is transparently clear
How we function on greed and necessity-
Whilst even the most steadfast get lost in their fear
Let us step back to meditate, and contemplate
On what needs to be done
Step back, in order to see
The big picture in black, and white 
And the details that separate you and me-
Are both in the thousands, and none
Our belief is different and the same
Passion and suffering in a hundred varying shades…
All these details… details used to separate.
To find a reason to hate, and entertain
All the dark thoughts that want full reign
Over our hearts, minds, and spirits alike
However hope does have a say,
Without details we are all the same
We are naught but colors in a rainbow
A spectrum that’s soft, bold, rich, and luminescent
So glorious to behold, it brings high what once was low
We are the notes in a symphony, drops in a sea,
Wind in the trees, and in short-
I am you, and you are me.

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Katherine said...

Interesting. Friendships are fragile indeed, and too many people dismiss them too quickly without a thought or care. Would that true friends were easy to find; alas, they are not.