Empty Spaces / Emily Gundlach

This one is for the tired.
I’m not angry anymore.
I have learned emptiness is just space for God
And I have buildings and towns inside me,
Waiting for this new occupant

I’m not angry anymore.
I have learned that life is a river
With a mighty current, and it’s not your fault
You were swept away.
Who can fight nature?
And now I have a space ready for God to live in
Now I have many spaces – I think some will remain empty

This one is for the tired, the ones with mounds of dishes
To wash, laundry to wash, an early morning coffee, a long day
A hard day, working, working and a TV at night to sit with.
I know this life, I built this town inside me that now

When the rains came, with the flood behind it, I knew
Our infrastructure would not hold.
Our buildings lacked foundation, this town was built on dreams,
These roads were paved with wishes, these houses weren’t built to
     weather a storm
I knew, I grieved before the current swept it away, I knew
I knew loss would make a place for itself in my heart.
But even loss was only a visitor there. 
My heart is no home, just an apartment for transient visitors,
Just a motel, a quiet get-away,
But no one can stay on vacation forever.

I’m not angry anymore.
The flood came and went.
The current took you.
The town I built stood vacant.
But I learned that what can be built can be torn down
And my hands are tired now
And my body is aching now, but I have more to place myself in after
     a long day
Than just a couch and a sizzling TV and all those things to wash and
I have all these empty spaces and all these open skies
And I am waiting for God.

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