Atomism / Alx Johns

from a state
of incomprehensible silence
our Universe began
with a bang.
Its energy
making shrapnel matter
to spin off into space.
Wait, what is space?
That which is carved by
The receiver of light?
Suns come late, so late
their children come to
about them,
and assembling on one of
rotating material and heat
atoms form molecules, form compounds, form a cell, form cells, form families, form enemies, form reasons to form, form species, form spaces, form food chains, form tribes, form places, form weapons, form kingdoms, form weapons, form empires, form fire weapons, form empires, form atom weapons (is this cosmic irony?), form the need for immaterial communication, form communication weapons, form placeless tribes, form spaceless tribes, silent tribes.

And yet,
it's ending so quietly
in the place where the molecules meet,
where the silent machine meets Man's fatal flaw
meets charged particles.
Warmth meets heat,
meets fire,

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