When I Am Old / Grady Thrasher

When I am old, I will not be told
what to do,
nor will I do as I am told.
I will find pleasure in contumacy,
thereby enhancing my golden years
with a stubborn disregard
for authority.
It will give me motivation to live
far beyond my life expectancy
and make the encumbrance of old age
worth the trouble.
Oh, I shall be no threat
to the security of the state
or of civilization for that matter,
but I can count on me
not to be polite, prudent or politic
in response to
the boorish, the bumptious,
pretentious or prejudiced.
Nor will I suffer gladly any politician
or any pious person
of any stripe,
knowing that the former is
above all, a politician,
and the latter is afflicted with
the conceit of claiming knowledge
of the unknowable.
Instead, I shall seek to embrace
comrades in contumacy,
the brazenly optimistic,
the irrationally idealistic
and the hopelessly cheerful.
Considering my present age,
perhaps I should begin now,
so I won’t have to be told
when I am old.


Anonymous said...

Saved your rhyme till the very end -- Bravo, Grady, for having shown contumacy toward your own proclivitacious soundacity !

Anonymous said...

Facing my own mortality, I wish I had written this poem#