from Sermons and Lectures by Matt Hart

"I believe in desperate acts, the kind that make me look"
Both ways when crossing my fingers behind my back in the street
where the traffic's terrific, and I'm making a promise
that I know I won't keep to talk with you soon about
Kant's metaphysics   One reason after another in a multitude
of classic styles and miasmic colors   Stop and go emergencies
for any occasion and every budget   Vroom vroom vroom
See ya later, alligator   All I want's to write more poems
to be a good husband and a father and a teacher   This lecture
brought to you by anxiety over an interview   Heading home
from my current position/employ   I think about the people warm
and sleepy in their houses   The icicles dragging all our gutters
to the meadows   Snow or linoleum   Is anybody happy  Is anybody
torn in the talons of an eagle, a red-tailed hawk through the eyes
of a storm   And if anybody is, then can anybody fix it
Is anybody willing   The situation's lonely and I'm already forty
Weirdly, the whole world's right here with me   Right here
beside me, but nobody's home   I walk to the store for a twelve pack
of something, or light bulbs or toilet paper, coffee for the morning
Orange marmalade, English muffins   Tonight we'll think
our faces off, and then I'll do some sleeping   Longer than I can
remember I've wanted to amount to more than me, significantly
and anxiously, and not to be a negative and not to wear a mask
This message directly to you is a plea to hear back YOUR message--
any message you want   To hear you in my headdress   To see you
on my doorstep   3127 Manning Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45211
And when I pull your strings, you can set me on fire
And when the Jawbreaker's finished, you can
put on my shirt   We'll blow each other's covers
then we'll walk the red carpet   into the rapture
we will dance on the escarpment   our arrival
a surge of inter-mangled re-connection

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