what we'll be do ... Song for Aralee - Ralph La Charity

caught our breath in tears where they ran

the whole of crossing over's
the whole of what we do here

stutter-trills & hop-slides fare thee well
the echo's cadence till namore remains the same

the whole of what we do here won't be done again
makes you wonder why we remember what we do

staying put's not what we'll be do
nay, tis not what we'll achieve

I walked off with things in hand I couldn't drop
I knew I'd bring it back but maybe not

the urge to stop still waits upon the rise

crossings bear namore the tilting shade
these shadows stride askance & dip askew

reverberate head bones these tones we do
each line of every song escapes in vain

all rhythms host all breath & hearts the same

the whole of what we're doing's all
the whole of crossing over

tis the patch of light briefly where we stood
tis the is of this that winks away

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