"Hellwave" - Kayla Sargeson

(Kayla Sargeson)
Twelve tattoos and can’t stop want my body covered/
no space for that night at the fraternity house:
body cracked open like glass.

I want a needle in my skin.
I’m the queen wasp thick and pissed off.

My friends say girl you’re on the fringe/
father likes to get me drunk/show off:

This is my smart daughter. The pretty one’s at home.

I know the push of a hand on the back of the head/

faceful of cock/baby no teeth

do what I tell you
/stepfather’s raised fist: bitch I’ll hit you.
At the Rock Room, for a tit grab
it’s all-you-can-drink-all-night.

I’ll suck you off for a joint.
I’m looking for my studded Sid Vicious cliché:

skinny punk with the bass guitar.
He’s got the chain wallet, leans

against his amp and almost looks alive.
He rides a Fat Boy/he’ll get me out of here.

We’ll ride the hellwave screaming.

KAYLA SARGESON is the next featured reader at Word of Mouth, upstairs at The Globe, Wednesday, May 7. She  is the author of the collection Mini Love Gun (2013). She recently told an interviewer that "Mini Love Gun is important to me because it deals with a variety of tough subjects—rape, violence, sex, being a woman in the gritty/urban world, etc. I’m interested in pushing as many boundaries as I can, both in my work and my life, so I feel like this collection does that as well, but not without having fun. Most of these poems are really funny to me." Her work has been anthologized in the national anthology Time You Let Me In: 25 Poets Under 25, selected by Naomi Shihab Nye as well as Voices from the Attic Volume XIV, and Dionne’s Story. She co-curates the MadFridays reading series and is the poetry editor for Pittsburgh City Paper’s online feature Chapter & Verse. Her manuscript Hellwave is being submitted for publication.

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