"utterly persuaded" - aralee strange

the wicked rattle shape and restrict the earth
and you and scores of extras
taking to new heights the return of red-faced male
full-sail take control giant steps to the Rescue!

Mapping the limits of j’accuse across the planet
is all about get the lead out and call for real-time
load and play typhoon sky disaster

call for settling the score

opting for the on-screen replay call to arms
the same old full card simulcast confusion
and possibly out and out lies that ignite
the old flame now playing twenty-four/seven

While some say that most of us are afraid
we love a parade ch-ch-ch-change and a show of hands
what matters most can look like a thousand flowers bloom
a prize in every one our broken connection
the mad hope and recently unearthed radical critique
that unites us

Our rites of life

If it turns out peace
resting its bones on the blood of many
folds its wings before night falls
pack light
Valhalla is a state of mind

Good times are growing spooky in the sweetland

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