"Full Wolf Moon Rose" - Gabe Newman

Full Wolf Moon Rose - Gabe Newman

I took a shot looking at that blurry white line
It was clear to me, someone was talking to me
Full Wolf Moon, the smallest of the year
My stance was centered and at rest
She shown down a little to the right
A slight cut shot on the felt and to the left
Most would call a gimme, but sometimes they're missed
A few loved ones came to mind, but only for support
She stood above in my mind space
Under that night time sky, I was able to see
Her face was shining as always with glee
And, so it was that I kissed
Sister moon shined brighter as if it were a sun
With rays stretching outward, and downward
They reached to the ground
Touching precisely that blurry white line
My eyes do not see the way they once did
But, no spectacles are needed on the table I play
My sight is just fine as I shoot by the light
Full Wolf Moon Rose just last night

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