"First, Words Drop Like Overripe Fruit" - David Noah

"First, Words Drop Like Overripe Fruit" - David Noah

First, words drop like overripe fruit
from the page, and the page turns to paper.

Then stories on television go—
all those faceless young fools

shuffled like a strobe-lit tarot.
Who can think with that nonsense going on?

We turn away and see nothing very much.
We listen closely to the air slide over our skin.

Now what, we ask no one,
as our feet like little soldiers

march into a room once silent
but now magnetized by a whisper:

Once upon a time 
there was a little old man…

And even though we’re through with tales,
we open our mouths.  We listen.

We know how this one ends—
all happy deaths are alike—

but the plot is a page-turner
that grabs us by the throat.  

Photographer, poet, and raconteur David Noah is the featured reader at this month's open mic event at The Globe. His poetry website is here. (photo from Rabbit Box, January 2013.)

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